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Please read the latest newsletter below! 

The students are well and getting ready to attend the bi-annual Catechetical Club Competition next month, August 5-8!  This time, the students and leaders will all meet at the Project 24 site, Rongo.  Rongo is located outside of Kisii in southwestern Kenya. 

I recently had the opportunity to attend and work the LCMS National Youth Gathering in Minneapolis.  What an incredible experience to be able to share our faith and this wonderful program with the 23,000 youth and leaders of our church!  The NYG theme this year was “Real. Present. God.”  In the same way, The Catechetical Club Competition has a theme each time, and this August it is “Defend Your Faith”! 

Please pray for the students and leaders as they gather for fellowship and to share in God’s love. 

Baraka za Mungu!

Jennifer Hummel

Program Coordinator, Mission Advancement

The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod

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