Mites are Needed!!

The LWML ND District 2016-18 Mite Goal is $76,000. Currently, we have paid $59,320 in Mission Grants. This leaves us somewhat behind.
Does your unit have extra monies that could be contributed to the current Mite Goal? Would you consider giving extra to help fulfill outstanding our Mission Grant Projects?
Please consider giving today! Send Mites to: LWML ND Financial Secretary, Audrey O’Brien, PO Box 3, Oakes, ND 58474.

In order for mites to be counted in this 2016-2018 biennium they need to be received by Financial Secretary Audrey O’Brien by May 31st. Any mites sent in after that will go toward the 2018-2020 mite goal. We still have a couple mission grants to be paid. Please send your mites in now. These ministries are counting on us!

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