Convention 2020 Message from LWML President, Debbie Larson

Greetings from the LWML Board of Directors.

I ask that you read this entire letter. It is filled with important information and comes from our hearts. (This post is only an excerpt. To read the entire letter, click the download button below.)

Everyone who has attended an LWML convention, be it a district or national gathering, knows it is a highlight for each person as we come together in the name of Jesus. While we are saddened that gatherings are now limited because of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we rejoice in the unity of the body of Christ. We are Lutheran Women in Mission. We are HIS!

Please watch the President’s Report video ( for a personal message from me and information about Lutheran Women in Mission. I hope you are able to watch this whether you are all together or individually.

I want to thank all those who were delegates to the Mobile, Alabama, convention for participating in the selection of mission grants. At that convention, delegates approved a record $2.1 million mission goal. We are already half way to that goal and, by the grace of God, we will pay every grant and spread Jesus’ message of salvation around the world! There is one more video you will want to view. This LCMS video was produced as a thank you to each person who gives, so you can each have a taste of the impact made through your mite offerings.

I wish I could present a pendent, specifically designed for retiring district presidents, and a certificate from the LWML personally to your President Valerie. It reads, “This Certificate of Appreciation is presented to Valerie Biberdorf. For service as President of the LWML North Dakota District and as a member of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League Board of Directors/Presidents Assembly from 2016–2020, we prayerfully ask the Lord’s blessings upon Valerie as she continues to serve Him wherever and whenever He has need of her.” Signed, Debbie Larson, President. These two items will be mailed to her. Please take time to write her a thank you for her dedicated service to the LWML. I am looking forward to congratulating your new district president and serving alongside her.

Our next LWML Convention will be in Lexington, Kentucky, June 24—27, 2021. This coronavirus pandemic will be history. Come and help celebrate our victory in Christ as we continue “Running the Race … Looking to Jesus.”

In HIS service, surrounded by HIS grace,

Debbie Larson, LWML President 2019-2023

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