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The mission of LWML North Dakota is to equip and encourage all women to share the compassion and hope of Jesus Christ.
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New Mission Grant Resources Available!

Check out the Mission Grants page for some beautiful new downloads created by Geneal Roth!
The bookmarks make a great reminder to pray for our Mission Grant work in North Dakota and around the world. Giving a Mission Grant donation as a gift? Include a bookmark with your card so that your “recipient” can continue to pray for our Mission Grants.

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Convention Messenger

Read about the happenings at the District convention! Download the convention messenger below!

Convention Messenger 2016

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The LWML Leaders Manual and the LWML Handbook

The LWML Leaders Manual and the LWML Handbook are now posted on our website, www.lwml.org!

Totally revised, the 2015 LWML Leaders Manual details the responsibilities and duties of our LWML leadership, which is helpful for those who are elected or appointed to serve; it’s also useful for those who wish to be considered for an LWML committee appointment and need to know the scope of each position.

The 2015 LWML Handbook, also totally revised, is the resource that describes each part of the LWML … local groups, zones, district, and national … and how they fit together into one cohesive unit. Included is the function and purpose of each part, definitions of LWML words, sample bylaws, a map of district and regional borders, a listing of all mission grants since 1943, Mite Box devotions, installation services, and LWML songs.

Both resources are offered as free downloads from the website; they are no longer available for purchase through the LWML Store. You may print as many copies as you wish or send them as attachments via email. Many districts supply a copy of each document to every member of their board of directors.

The time is NOW to read, study, and share these basic LWML resources! As the LWML continues to grow, both documents will periodically be refreshed to reflect new ways to serve the Lord through the LWML. What will not change is our commitment to serving the Lord with gladness and support of missions!

Carolyn Blum, VP of Organizational Resources

Lutheran Women’s Missionary League

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Announcing: TWO products to help your LWML groups be viable and engaging!

1. LWML 104: Your LWML Designed 4 U is the fifth addition to our Women in Mission University (WMU) PowerPoint series. If you know of women in your congregation who you would like to see participate in your events and activities, this free resource will equip you in reorganizing your groups to be appealing to all women. The PowerPoint comes with a ready-to-use script and three sample surveys. This PowerPoint replaces the booklet Designed for You, which is no longer available.

LWML 104 Presentation
LWML 104 Script
LWML 104 Survey

2. Putting ZEST into your Zone Events gives refreshing ideas for your zone activities, along with games and sketches to make the women attending glad they came and want to come again. This new product replaces the former product Put Some ZIP in your Zone, which is no longer available.

Putting ZEST into your Zone Events

Both resources are available as free downloads from www.lwml.org. Click on “Service” and then “Group Resources.” They’re also attached to this email for your convenience. Check them out today as you make plans for your LWML groups this fall!

Your LWML Leader Development Committee:                       Your LWML HOPE Committee:

Pat Funk                                                                                                 Janet Taylor

Deb Vinkemeier                                                                                    Carol Walther

Sherrie Smith, Chairman                                                                    Kaye Wolff, Chairman


Carolyn Blum

Vice President of Organizational Resources

Lutheran Women’s Missionary League

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LWML President Kay Kreklau Honored

Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML) President Kay Kreklau was pleasantly surprised at The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod’s (LCMS) Board of International Missions meeting in St. Louis, Missouri, May 29, 2015.  LCMS President Rev. Dr. Matthew Harrison presented Kay with a certificate of appreciation surrounded by messages from the staff and board members.

The LWML is an auxiliary of the LCMS with a primary focus on supporting missions. The LCMS Board for International Missions took this opportunity to show their appreciation for President Kay’s commitment and the work of all women of the LWML. Kreklau’s four-year term as LWML President concludes at the 36th LWML Biennial Convention in Des Moines, Iowa, June 25-28, 2015.

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